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Quality Blackwater Creek Koi; Koi food; & starter packs.

Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Inc. is your best choice for Koi! They offer the largest selection of Koi, Koi food, and the best selection of quality Butterfly Koi or Longfin Koi in the world! When buying from one of their three Koi farms you will receive healthy Koi, shipped year round, in the most popular sizes.
Koi To You Packages are Pond Ready mixes of fish for initial pond stocking, or as a gift to a pond owner. These quality fish have been quarantined for your convenience.
Subject: Butterfly Koi Make Great Pond Additions
Butterfly Koi  are an elegant way to to enjoy a koi pond and the water garden industry. These fish exhibit long flowing fins that glide through the water . Originally butterfly koi were a product of spawning  an Indonesian long fin carp with a Japanese Koi ( showa) in order to improve the body shape of the showa. Unexpectedly as the offspring grew, it was noticed that some had beautiful long finnage and the spectacular colors of koi. More than two decades later butterfly koi have grown in popularity worldwide. 
       Some interesting facts about Butterfly Koi .
       1. Butterfly koi are extremely resiliant and live along with other pond fish as good or better than standard fin koi.
       2. Butterfly koi are not available in all varieties yet  however Blackwater Creek is working dilligantly to produce new and exciting varieties.
       3. Owning a butterfly koi that no one else in the world has can be equtaed to the joy of owning one of a kind art work.
Blackwater Creek Koi Farms has been producing top quality butterfly koi for over a decade and is regarded as the top producer worldwide.  They offer butterfly koi as individual fish and as package deals.  Special packages can be purchased from them using our store discount by clicking here on this green ad below.  We look forward to hearing from you during the pond season. Please be sure to keep in touch with us. We appreciate your business.
       Should you wish to purchase fish from Blackwater Creek Koi Farms Inc, We would be happy to get you a discount. Simply click this green ad below and you will go to a page with a discount code specific for you to use on Blackwaters website. By following this link, you will get a discount and we will receive a small commission as well! Everyone wins. Be sure to copy the code, (Found in the YELLOW Box), and use it when checking out on their site for a discount.
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   When you click on this link, (green ad above), you will be directed to Blackwater's website were you can order direct through Ken's Landscape Designs account. You will be buying directly through Blackwater, and they will bill and ship your order directly to you. Browse through their store for single fish; packages of fish; larger fish; smaller fish; fish food; anything they sell. You will have access to special Ken's Landscape Designs pricing by using the Discount code, (found in YELLOW box on first page), when check out.

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